What is Cryptopay?

Cryptopay is an online Bitcoin Wallet which offers greater functionality than simpler services for buying and selling bitcoins. You can use this page to learn more about Cryptopay’s features.

Bitcoin Flex Accounts

Flex accounts

With Cryptopay Flex accounts you can purchase, sell and store bitcoins safely, without worrying about bitcoin price fluctuations. Cryptopay account supports EUR, GBP and BTC; you can easily top-up your account with via SEPA, UK FPS, or your BTC address.

Cryptopay Wallet

Prepaid Card

Prepaid Card

Cryptopay offers an alternative withdrawal facility through our Prepaid Card. Easily convert your BTC to Euro or British Pound Sterling, and USD. Withdraw money using your Cryptopay Mastercard prepaid card at ATMs worldwide.

Prepaid Card

Virtual Debit card

Virtual prepaid card

Another way to easily spend BTC online is by using Cryptopay’s Virtual prepaid card. Our card can be used to pay online, anywhere VISA payment cards are accepted. Virtual cards are issued instantly, so no need to wait for a plastic one to arrive.

Prepaid Card

Money transfers

Money transfers

With Cryptopay you can easily and instantly transfer money to anyone in the world. Set up your Cryptopay account and your transaction will be processed within a few seconds.

Bitcoin international transfers

Bitcoin B2B Solutions


When it comes to business partnerships we are flexible and ready to build a desirable offer that is fine-tuned to meet your needs. If you wish to accept bitcoin payments, white label prepaid prepaid cards, or a custom blockchain solution — please get in touch with our sales team.

Cryptopay B2B Solutions