World’s First Contactless Bitcoin Debit Card

Get one for FREE, before your friends have even seen it in stock! Signup before the 15th of September, verify your account and enjoy Bitcoin payments in a state-of-the-art style.

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First contactless bitcoin card

Pay hassle-free with our brand new contactless Bitcoin debit card! The first of its kind! Simply load your Cryptopay Bitcoin Card with funds from your Cryptopay Bitcoin Wallet, touch the POS or POA-terminal with a contactless sign and enjoy virtual or traditional payments anywhere major payment cards are accepted.

5 withdrawals per day

Load bitcoins to the card and withdraw cash at any cashpoint accepting major payment cards. This option allows you to withdraw local currency at any part of the world, eliminating the need to attend exchanges during business trips and vacations. Verify your account now and get extended withdrawal and loading card limits.

Accepted anywhere

Cryptopay bitcoin debit card works internationally regardless of the local cryptocurrency legislation, making it simple for our customers to use bitcoin at millions of businesses around the world. Signup now and enjoy the global community of Bitcoin fans.

In your wallet for 7 days

Choose between Standard Free and DHL delivery methods. It usually takes up to an hour to issue, pack and ship your card. Free delivery assumes that it arrives to your mailbox in the next week, we also offer a DHL delivery method to speed up the arrival.

Contactless card pricing

Card price and fees EUR Card GBP Card USD Card
Card price €15 £15 $15
Standard worldwide delivery Free Free Free
Domestic ATM Transaction €2.50 £2.50 $2.50
International ATM Transaction €3.50 £3.50 $3.50
Foreign transaction fee 3.00% 3.00% 3.00%
PIN change transactions by ATM €0.80 £0.60 $1.00
Monthly service fee €1.00 £1.00 $1.00
Monthly fee
No transaction in last 120 days
€5.00 £5.00 $5.00

Contactless card limits

ATM, online, top-up limits EUR Card GBP Card USD Card
Value of online transactions Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of online transactions Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of ATM transactions 5 5 5
Single ATM transaction limit €5 000 £5 000 $5 000
Daily ATM withdrawal limit €5 000 £5 000 $5 000
Lifetime ATM withdrawal limit €1 860 000 £1 860 000 $1 860 000
Max single top-up value €10 000 £10 000 $10 000
Max daily load €20 000 £20 000 $20 000
Max lifetime load €7 440 000 £7 440 00 $7 440 00